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International Tax Consultancy

We provide commercial, functional, tax-planning that is tailored to protect your wealth and assets. We have experience working with tax advisors from your jurisdictions and we understand how to implement and operate the tax advice that they give you. We understand international tax and how to turn their advice into a business reality for you.

Implementation of Tax Advice

We understand that you will be conducting international business and will need practical tax advice that works. We understand that you will also need a tax-compliant structure that can be established and operated in line with your tax advice. We provide all the necessary administrative services to enable you to do all the above.

We will

  • understand your tax advice
  • implement your tax structure, and
  • help you to devise a protocol so that in future anti-avoidance legislation in your home country or where you are doing business or investing is not triggered.

Crossborder Trust Services

We provide customized trust services and solutions. We design, implement and manage cross-border trusts for international families, business owners and investors. ​

Our Trust Services include:

  • Commercial purpose trusts
  • Domestic Barbados trusts
  • Charitable trusts
  • US Foreign Grantor trusts
  • Canadian Trans-national trusts
  • Hybrid trusts
  • Private Trustee Services

Corporate Services

The setup and maintenance of a corporation/company can be very time-consuming. We listen to your specific business requirements and tailor our services to suit, through our knowledge of international tax, corporate/company structuring and multi-jurisdictional regulations.

This is inclusive of but not limited to:

  • Set up, operation, and management of companies, and International structures
  • Company Secretarial
  • Corporate and Individual Directors
  • Share registration
  • Open and Manage Bank Accounts

Immigration & Relocation

Due to the global exchange of information, owners and families need to choose their citizenship and residence carefully. You need residency in the place that you are going to run your international businesses and wealth planning from.

Artificial, paper-based international structuring arrangements are no longer going to be effective. If there is no reality to your arrangements you are now inviting questions and interactions with the tax authorities as to where you live, work and invest.

We offer services to facilitate the following for you:

  • Naturalization
  • Citizenship
  • Permanent Residence Permit
  • Spousal or partner’s visas
  • Entry visas
  • Work permits
  • Extension of stay
  • Student Visas

Financial Accounting

We provide financial accounting services that enable you to produce either management accounts or Financial statements. These financial accounting services can be provided to IFRS or other GAAP standards if necessary. We can also facilitate and enable annual financial audits if required. Pricing can be provided on a fixed or hourly basis based on requirements.

Active Business Solutions

We will help you with all the tasks required to enable your business to be operated the way you need it to be operated, both legally and efficiently.

Our active business solutions include:

  • Directorships
    We provide individual directorships of companies and trustee companies. We will always have the tax compliance and adherence to tax advice in mind. Our directors and trustees will be aware of the purpose of your structure and maintain a commercial awareness of when transactions and tasks and changes are being made to the structure of your business.
  • Office Space
    We provide a cost-effective office space solution that will allow you to gain a registered office without paying the amount demanded by a dedicated office space. We can provide a conference table, desks and cubicles, and for those that require it, private, dedicated office space.
  • Staff
    When personnel and employees are required to establish your business; and you, the owner is not regularly in Barbados, we will hire general or senior management and provide oversight. We will ensure that your business is well and responsibly run along the lines laid down by you at all times. You are therefore free to come and be confident in the ongoing oversight of the business.