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About Ithildin

We provide commercially sensible solutions for International business owners and investors that will enable them to do cross-border business. We do not provide complex ideas that look good on paper but cannot be managed. We bring together advice, services, and solutions that are both practical, commercial, and can be implemented. Our team of professionals will provide you with a full range of international, legal, trust, and corporate services that will increase your cross border wealth.

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Our services

International Tax Consultancy

We provide commercial, functional, tax-planning that is tailored to protect your wealth and assets..

Implementation of Tax Advice

We understand that you will be conducting international business and will need practical tax advice that works..

Crossborder Trust Services

We provide customized trust services and solutions. We design, implement and manage cross-border trusts for..

Corporate Services

The setup and maintenance of a corporation/company can be very time-consuming. We listen to your specific business..

Immigration & Relocation

Due to the global exchange of information, owners and families need to choose their citizenship and residence carefully..

Financial Accounting

We provide financial accounting services that enable you to produce either management accounts or Financial statements..

Active Business Solutions

We will help you with all the tasks required to enable your business to be operated the way you need it to be operated..

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